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         Town Jiang Zhendong electric light source co., LTDWas established1992Years,Is located in zhenjiang, jiangsu province jing port industrial park,Is one specialized is engaged in all kinds of cars、Motorcycle、Electric vehicles、LEDRoad motor vehicles, such as light and civil lamp production and sales of integrated enterprise。Our company has imported advanced production equipment,The complete product testing means and perfect quality assurance system。

        "Manufacturing superior products,To meet user needs,Win the trust of society,The company continuous improvement"Is the company's quality policy;"Science and technology innovation to promote development of east Intellectual property rights to enhance competition ability"Is the company's intellectual property policy。

        The company was founded at the beginning of the first passedISO 9001And quality management systemISO 14001Environmental management system certification;2002In the company's products through the EuropeanE-MARKCertification;2012Part of the car、Motorcycle bulb products made in ChinaCQCVoluntary certification,Become a industry obtain certification of the first unit;In the same year,The company main products by Brazil"INMETRO"Certification,In Brazil to become Asia's first to the ministry of communications for the record registration of the company





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