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In a design engineering co., LTD is a professional yangjiang home,With innovative design、The design of the service decoration company。Since the company since its establishment,Always adhere to meet or exceed customer expectations,Use design to solve customer problems,For the company's goals,Adhering to the breakthrough、Creative、Style、Professional design of the spirit of service,Committed to the development of household、Villa、Example room、Upscale office、Food and beverage、The club、Indoor environment design of the hotel and office building。There are a number of independent professional construction team,To ensure that the construction of green environmental protection,Safety culture。 Company designers with advanced designing idea、A reasonable budget price、The excellent construction technology,Caring service,Sincere to every customer,Customized brand new、Grace、Comfortable life that occupy the home、Cultural space。

Service process
Service process
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    The standard hard outfit,Easy to save money.Worry.And effort,Green.The economy.Comfortable,Professional designers one-on-one service,To provide professional design。

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The core team
  • Hong-xing wang
    Hong-xing wangDesign director

  • Mo jue keys
    Mo jue keysVice director of design

    Human life is designed,Design for life

  • Tan Shengzhu
    Tan ShengzhuInterior designer

    Is designed to solve the problem

  • Hai-hang li
    Hai-hang liInterior designer

Customer evaluation
  • Feng / They city(127㎡)Feng / They city(127㎡)Chinese style | ¥12Wan
    A friend is also in the decoration,See after the decoration,A good hand,Also chose here,Now the house decorate good,Is quite satisfactory。
    Yangjiang into a designYangjiang into a design

  • Ms / The southern garden(160㎡)Ms / The southern garden(160㎡)Modern | ¥15Wan
    After the decoration is very satisfied,Especially like tan designer help me to design the cloakroom in the room,Super love it,House whole design is very good,Very satisfied。
    Yangjiang into a designYangjiang into a design
  • Ms. Chen / The splendor(112㎡)Ms. Chen / The splendor(112㎡)Modern | ¥9Wan
    In fact, a began to go into a design company,Give my feeling is,In general,But after their service attitude is good,Give me advice will decorate in the house,Because according to my budget is so much to decorate good,They will help me can province is not in one place,Some must use has to be installed,As far as possible within my budget I want almost came true,So think of their attitude is very good,A design decorate a company to have a conscience,Also finally decided to choose them。After decorating the effect is really good,A friend need decorate really can recommend to you。
  • Mr Ao / GongQing lake(148㎡)Mr Ao / GongQing lake(148㎡)Modern | ¥13Wan
    Decorate good,Design layout is quite satisfactory。
    Yangjiang into a designYangjiang into a design
  • Ms. Liu / Since the construction(360㎡)Ms. Liu / Since the construction(360㎡)Modern | ¥43Wan
    Is to buy the whole house,4Layer and a half,That it has been like a villa room after decoration,The design of this company is really good,Quality manual,Satisfied with it。
    Yangjiang into a designYangjiang into a design
  • Ms. Chen / Cimc international city(148㎡)Ms. Chen / Cimc international city(148㎡)Northern Europe | ¥14 8Wan
    I am very like the Nordic style of decoration,Concise、Directly、And close to nature,That kind of feeling went feel very comfortable,So I put my own ideas with tan about WeChat designer said,He also quickly find a few intention figure to me,Finally, according to my family's living habits and needs,Good design about again after I go to his shop to see the effect,And then to me,Feel really very carefully,Design of a certain place is designed for our people,The day is and my husband go to see,He is also very satisfied,Think of the service here is good too,Finally we went down in this order。Because we have seen in other places,The effect of the design is not satisfied,Although the your point,But see the material is very good,So in this book。After decorating,Really good effect,Thank you very much also tan designers。
  • Mr. Shaw / Mellon square(126m²)Mr. Shaw / Mellon square(126m²)Modern | ¥11Wan
    Introduced by friends,Said material material here,Good decoration,So to understand,Home decoration have relatives do actually,But I think they will be decorated,But without room layout design,It would be better to find decorate company,Also decorate and can help you design for free。Decorate material to some before I have worked in sales,So for this I have understood,Also went to a few decorate a company to understand their offer,Here are a few of them are the most expensive quotation,But I finally chose this,Because of this quotation is realistic,And friends to find this done,Other bid quote I don't believe what material to help me to decorate,And also in my extract profits,So think of the good,A bunch of young guys motivated。Decorate it very good。
  • Mr Yang / Royal JingHaoYuan(135m²)Mr Yang / Royal JingHaoYuan(135m²)Modern | ¥12Wan
    Several were compared,Finally decided to give the do,Feel very good design and materials,The effect of the decorate good after I want,Good。
    Yangjiang into a designYangjiang into a design
  • Ms wong / He fairy bay(80m²)Ms wong / He fairy bay(80m²)Modern | ¥8Wan
    The service here is really nice,Because I am not in yangjiang,House butt thing is to let my mother in yangjiang docking them for me,Stylist people very well,Help me to solve a lot of questions on the decoration,There is about building property to make things he also reminded me that I also help me to do well,The house is furnished,My mother is also very satisfied,Thank's designer。
  • Mr. Zhou / Poly central park(115m²)Mr. Zhou / Poly central park(115m²)Modern | ¥10Wan
    Construction manual has very good,Is quite satisfactory。
     Yangjiang yangjiang into a design into a design
  • Mr. Huang / Zhuhai bar(80m²)Mr. Huang / Zhuhai bar(80m²)Chinese style | Design fee¥8000
    Only do the design,Design result must not inferior to other foreign designers,Introduced by friends,If all places near to their construction。A good design company。
    Yangjiang into a designYangjiang into a design
  • Mr Ao / Beverly hills(385m²)Mr Ao / Beverly hills(385m²)Chinese style | ¥58Wan
    Designed and construction can result,Designers have a lot of ideas,There is a new thinking,Is no longer the traditional design,This is my favorite,Overall satisfaction。
    Yangjiang into a design
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  • Feng / They city(127㎡)
  • Ms / The southern garden(160㎡)
  • Ms. Chen / The splendor(112㎡)
  • Mr Ao / GongQing lake(148㎡)
  • Ms. Liu / Since the construction(360㎡)
  • Ms. Chen / Cimc international city(148㎡)
  • Mr. Shaw / Mellon square(126m²)
  • Mr Yang / Royal JingHaoYuan(135m²)
  • Ms wong / He fairy bay(80m²)
  • Mr. Zhou / Poly central park(115m²)
  • Mr. Huang / Zhuhai bar(80m²)
  • Mr Ao / Beverly hills(385m²)
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