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      Chengdu Yin industrial co(Group)Co., LTD,Located in wuhou district of chengdu west valley industrial park,The diversity of mainly on real estate development enterprise。Company currently has employees300More than one,The higher vocational personnel8People,Secondary vocational personnel40Many people。
  Company uphold“Enterprise development,Staff development”The management idea,In recent years, vigorously implement the collectivization、Theindustrialization will、Diversification strategy,Gradually form a set of real estate development、Building、Hotel three core industry sectors of medium-sized enterprise group。
  In the long term,Under the leadership of chairman Mr Zheng Yinsheng,Companies adhere to the good reputation、Excellent quality and excellent service to impress customers,Win the market。The company for many times“Chengdu advanced enterprises”、“Chengdu consumer trustworthy enterprise”、“The credit enterprise of chengdu”、“ChinaAAALaw-abiding integrity advanced unit”Such as title,And since2010To2013In four consecutive years by the communist party of China (chengdu wuhou district committee、Chengdu wuhou district people's government jointly awarded“The annual large taxpayer”The title。

      Companies with strong technical force、The outstanding product quality and perfect service,In line with“Quality first、The supremacy of credibility”Our tenet,Serving the public,Return society。And warmly welcome people with lofty ideals from all walks of life to join us,Create a better tomorrow!

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Yin·Wl scene

Yin·City, the royal landscape project is born of PI county Yin real estate development co., LTD(Yin industrial co)...

Sales hotline:028-87965588

Yin international hotel

Yin international hotel is chengdu Yin industrial co., LTD by international five-star standard of high...

Sales hotline:028-65057777