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Tongcheng city yong hui machinery co., LTD   Tongcheng city yong hui machinery co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the bulk and finished product material conveying system design、Development、Complete set、Manufacturing and installation。The company2010In a merger with tongcheng city donghai machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was built,After three years the development of the snowballing,Now the new factory is expanding the construction period of the preparation,After the completion of the new factory will be formed to conveying machinery and related auxiliary industry as the leading professional production base。Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and guidance。   Company is located in the beautiful scenery、Enjoy“Article is”Good reputation“Tongcheng school”Hometown of tongcheng city,The north capital of hefei,South river anqing,Hejiu railway、Shanghai-chengdu、206The national highway across the country,The traffic is very convenient。The famous huangshan mountain in anhui、The jiuhua mountain、Tianzhu mountain near at hand from the company,Is the perfect friends tourism。   Companies adhering to the“Honest and trustworthy,Quality first”The production concept,“Earnestly each device,Treat every customer sincerely”。Products are mainly used for cement、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Coal、Water and electricity、Building materials and other departments and industry,Products all over the country。Company commitment to quality...
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Common problems
  •   Belt conveyor drive reducer in use often encounter some drive reducer input shaft broken shaft,Give the user a certain impact on production。Usually just when the broken shaft...
  •   1.Heavy hammer tensioning belt conveyor belt of the skid Using a heavy hammer tensioning device of belt conveyor can add weight to solve when belt skid,Added to the belt does not skid。...
  •   The conveyor has a long history,High turn TongChe and carry water overturned in ancient China,Is the modern bucket elevator and the prototype of the scraper conveyor。Belt conveyor is continuous on certain lines to lose...


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