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  • A satellite-A

    Owns the world's best satellite resource

    14+Optical satellites

    7+Radar satellite

  • Rich accumulation of satellite data

    Built in radar satellite data covering all over the world、Accumulated more than7Years、Cover all over the world4000Many cities in the urban health database,High precision database contains the main city。

  • Efficient satellite ground receiving station

    A satellite-4

    The implemented radar satellite ground services in Hong Kong and successful operations3Years,Team with multiple remote sensing satellite ground receiving station in domestic construction experience。

  • Leading analysis algorithm

    Has the world's leadingInSARTechnology related algorithm,With tsinghua university compared to the light of the taihu lake open super calculate program software operations team,Strive for the data processing cycle level reduced to hours or even minutes。

    Intelligent algorithm
  • Released the first domestic based onInSARThe technology of large data cloud platform“To the cloud(LARKVIEW)”,Can examine urban surface facilities deformation information online and real-time analysis report。

    Leading city risk wisdom cloud platform

    The cloud wing
  • Independent research and development of data processing software

    Software management

    Based on theInSARThe optimal algorithm,Independent research and developmentInSARThe sequential processing software to far micrometer(MISS),High precision deformation on a large area for testing。

Service development,Service the livelihood of the people,Trying to be a set“Physical examination、The diagnosis、Cure”In the integration of earth health expert in big data

Based on the technology of spatial informationBig dataPlatformThe company

  • Quick access to geological disasters area of surface deformation and its secondary disasters happen,For early warning and prevention、Provide efficient disaster relief、And reliable、Low cost technology,The implementation“Civil air defense”To the“Dimension”Shift。

    SARIntelligent abnormal deformation of the prisonMeasurement

    Early warning platform

    The cloud wing
  • City medical platform

    Based on theInSARThe healthy check-up of the city technology engineering integrated solutions,Power of governments at all levels to urban earthquake emergency control and decision making as a whole。

  • Automatic identification of risk grade building platform

    According to the relevant state standard,Automatic screening abnormal deformation of the buildings,For the dangerous house hierarchies automatically to provide reliable basis。

    Intelligent algorithm
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