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Suzhou st industry automation technology co., LTDSuzhou st industry automation technology co., LTD,Is committed to new materials and environmental protection products manufacturers to provide customized production equipment and production line optimization services,Main products and services that cover the separation membrane(Microfiltration、Ultrafiltration、Nanofiltration、Is infiltration、Reverse osmosis、Dialysis、Bipolar membrane and so on)The manufacturing system、Membrane auxiliary material cutting system、Plastic welding machine system automobile and electronics industries、Jigs and fixtures and other non-standard automation machinery automation。Companies adhering to the “The good faith”、“Innovation”、“Win-win situation”The management idea,Has developed the disc type flexible film membrane production line,MBRFlat membrane production line(Blown film line and automatic welding encapsulation),Reverse osmosis membrane preparation production line(The base film and interfacial polymerization),Roll type membrane production line(Household and industrial use),Hollow fiber membrane production line,Organic tubular membrane pipe coating system,Liquid membrane configuration system,Membrane related performance testing and test equipment, etc。Suzhou st industry automation technology co., LTD can membrane equipment customized services according to the guest's requirements....

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Suzhou st industry automation technology co., LTD
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