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Urban development plate action | New city for the first real estate development project starts todayUrban development plate action | The first new town...
9Month12Monday morning,By the taizhou city real estate co., LTD、Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group Co., ltd. and taizhou DongSheng construction investment company jointly developed...
2019-09-06Environmental protection plate into good news | Xianju eat hutch(Kitchen waste)Waste disposal center project construction
2019-08-07The good news | 29460Ten thousand yuan!Contest of investment real estate company is successful in taizhou city agglomeration district north of Cambridge international school homestead Taizhou city1Weeks
2019-08-07Breakthrough1600Tons!New city leading the new starting point,Farmers harbour city fruit and vegetable daily trading volume hit a record high
2019-08-07The first time | Taizhou article LangShou composite pipe underground“The big cross section”Rectangular pipe jacking penetration

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The municipal sectorThe municipal sector

Accumulated many years of experience in urban construction,Major municipal infrastructure、City garden maintenance、Underground communication pipe and...

Environmental protection plateEnvironmental protection plate

Keep in mind the people centered state responsibility,Focusing on the livelihood of the people,To develop new environmental protection industry。Construction of research and development...

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Key projects

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@The party member the leading cadre:Vigilance“Small red envelopes”Drum“Big pustules”@The party member the leading cadre:Vigilance“Small red envelopes”...
2019-09-16In addition to the commission for discipline inspection,These units also have the right to accountability
2019-09-16Rest assured!With these situations,Can not or exempted from accountability
2019-09-16Tianjin subsidies and welfare can't loose hair!7A typical disciplinary problems have been reported
2019-09-16Mid-Autumn National Day is coming soon!Public disclosure of the central commission for discipline inspection, six cases in violation of the provisions of the central eight psychiatric problems

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Taizhou city investment group“Red in July”Activity of red as fire——In front of the national flag start Exhibition site flag packagedTaizhou city investment group“Red in July”Red similar activities...
Taizhou city group party committee was established to celebrate98The anniversary,Party committee focusing on responsibility deployment,Highlight branch play catch,Improve energy strong party spirit,Solid foundation...
Running picking up litter,A fusion of“Taizhou green”Running picking up litter,A fusion of“Taiwan...
Yesterday(12Month2Day)Taizhou city square“A green”In the circle of friends maxed out green public wafts get together with hundreds of competitors to participate...

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Taizhou city construction investment development group co., LTDTaizhou city construction investment development group co., LTD